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Tricone bit

  Hejian Longyue Drill Bit Manufacture Co.,Ltd was established in 1990.We turned to production and research and development of all kinds of Petroleum drilling equipment for years.And mainly includes tricone bit, PDC bit, core bit, one-cone bit, assembled bit large-caliber, drag bit, drill pipe, drill collar, elevator and so on.

  Hejian Longyue Drill Bit Manufacture co.,ltd is located in Hejian city,Hebei province,China.The geographical position is superior and convenient transportation for adjacent to 106 national road.Longyue company is oil supplies of large enterprises in Hebei province.We company has production line of advanced technology, well-equipped, high performace, oil drills of formal management.And we has formed the large-scale all kinds of oil drills from 3” to 26”. Longyue company adhere to honesty is our business philosophy,high standards of quality requirements and high quality after-sales service.So we have won the majority of customers at home andmore

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